Budget vs. Timeline

Custom development is not easy and estimating what’s involved to get the job done is not black and white. But naturally, before you start on a project you want to know how much it is going to cost and how …

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Getting Started with HTML5

HTML5 Logo

HTML5 is a group of standards that was developed to succeed HTML 4.  The HTML 4.0 spec was finalized in 1998 and since then the web has evolved to require many features that HTML 4 was not designed to support.  …

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Spelling Failure is Not an Option

The Internet is indeed the great equalizer. In removing the middle man in publishing, we’ve seen record labels crumble, bloggers get six figure book deals and more cute kitten videos than America’s Funniest Home Videos can shake a stick at. …

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Restore a Deleted File in Git

Today I found out that we deleted a file in one of our projects that we actually needed.  We deleted it a few weeks ago and therefore I had no idea what commit it was a part of or how …

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A few comments following SxSW Interactive 2011

I have attended every SxSW Interactive Conference for the last five years. The interactive portion of the conference is a big gathering of software people, interactive marketers, gamers, etc. that come from all around the world to share insight, see …

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Internet Explorer 9 Cometh

20110314 Microsoft IE9 Launch

Microsoft released Internet Explorer 9 to the world last night and they were kind enough to invite us to the launch party and press event.  Who knew 3 years ago that we would ever be excited for a new version …

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Our Top Technology Trends for 2011

It’s the time of year when the internet goes crazy with top ten lists of predictions for the upcoming year. Well we take a different approach. As a custom software development house, we are exposed to all kinds ideas for …

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ProAce celebrates its 6th Anniversary

November of 2010 marks the 6th anniversary of ProAce as a company. Our fist office was only about 1,000 sqf and our team consisted of four members if you count Max – a tiny malti-poo.

This has been a long …

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Working with Partials in FubuMVC

Today I was working on getting a partial view working properly in FubuMVC and started trying stumbling through it, very unsuccessfully. I ended up reaching out to Joshua Arnold for help with it. I’d like to share it with everyone …

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Building Software: Versioning and Compilation

The first goal of our build server is to version and compile our code.  Versioning is an important step because the version number is how you identify one build versus another build.  This comes in handy when you may have …

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