Restore a Deleted File in Git

Today I found out that we deleted a file in one of our projects that we actually needed.  We deleted it a few weeks ago and therefore I had no idea what commit it was a part of or how to actually get a hold of it.  The process for retrieving this file in Git is incredibly easy.

To restore a deleted file in Git, say one that existed at “Source/deleted-git-file.txt” in my repository, first we need to find what commit we deleted it in.  To do this, we use the Git rev-list command:

git rev-list -n 1 HEAD -- Source/deleted-git-file.txt

This will output a commit hash that might look like this:


That represents the commit where the file was deleted.  To retrieve the file, we will do a git checkout on the previous commit for the specific file.  That looks like this:

git checkout 6d8e24d4236627a35f56f32947ae5593fc917880^ -- Source/deleted-git-file.txt

That will checkout that file into your working copy as a new file.  You will then need to git add and then git commit them.

Big thanks to Stack Overflow for providing the solution to this!

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