Our Top Technology Trends for 2011

It’s the time of year when the internet goes crazy with top ten lists of predictions for the upcoming year. Well we take a different approach. As a custom software development house, we are exposed to all kinds ideas for new technology and business application hybrids. From the preposterous to the brilliant, we narrowed down our top tech topics trending for our clients in 2011:

Android Everywhere. It’s here. It’s there. It’s growing e-v-e-r-y-where. We see application development in this arena skyrocketing in 2011.

Cloud Business Solutions. More and more of our clients are requesting to put their application “in the cloud”. We like that as long as these clouds are speedy and secure.

Refactoring of Legacy Apps. Our number one refactoring question: how do I make my 1999 Microsoft Access database application more web friendly? Legacy apps drive a company’s internal IT department crazy. We often provide pain-free transition plans for refactoring these so our clients can start to take advantage of the latest technologies instead of suffering though their old ones.

Social Business Integration. Social media and the business world have a serious love affair going on. 2011 will see more applications sprout up for the effective management of these often complex social campaigns.

Leveraging Effective Architectures. We keep our eye on the hot new frameworks and languages in our tech space. Drupal, Django/Python, and Ruby on Rails are just some of the new ones we expect to continue to work on in 2011.

Rich Touch Screen Experiences.  If you don’t have a tablet yet, you probably have one on your wish list. Touch screens are hot and will continue to be so in 2011 with 30+ new devices on the horizon. If your web application isn’t touch friendly, its time to refactor for this rapidly growing platform type.

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